Zilla The Ice Pirates (1984)

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I had to IMDb this woman because I had never heard of her before and I was comfortably certain that she had no discernible Hollywood career and this was one of those one-shot” performances that renders actors ineligible to do anything else ever again. Turns out I was wrong: Miss Core has been acting since 1949 and has been in such high-profile films as The Music Man, My Fair Lady, Airport 1975, Dunston Checks In, First Daughter and School For Scoundrels. Zadnje čase imam pogoste vrtoglavice, ki jo spremljajo slabost, zatemnitev pred očmi, piskanje v uÅ¡esih in neravnovesje. The only thing I can say about her performance as a hyper-critical, nasty piece of work she plays here, there is no evidence she’d had a career before or since. Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Herpes. But then we get appearances by such familiar faces to a modern audience as Anjelica Houston (a year before picking up an Oscar for Prizzi’s Honor) as a space pirate/amazon, Ron (Hellboy) Perlman as some poor pirate guy who keeps losing his hand, that ubiquitous comic/gag writer Bruce Vilanch as a lisping space being of some sort complete with a detachable head, and the inestimable John Carradine playing the Supreme Commander and getting such an easy time of it that he just has to lay back on a flat surface and say his lines. Almost as easy as his gig for 1981′s Frankenstein Island Just goes to show that for most actors, a paycheck is a paycheck is a paycheck, and some will do anything to earn one. These four sure did. A word about the look of the film. Zanima me zakaj se mi to dogaja, saj te težave pred nosečostjo nisem imela, in ali je možno kaj narediti, da se mi to ne bi več dogajalo ker se trenutno bojim iti kamorkoli sama.

In fact, The Ice Pirates has set design and story quality that suggest what 1979′s Buck Rogers In The 25th Century would have been like if made by Robert and Charles Band. The more partners, the more likely you can acquire the virus. Anderson and company do no favors (even comedic favors) with piece-meal spaceship interiors that look like parts of other spaceship sets were scavenged and mixed with random strips of sheet metal and vacu-formed Styrofoam boxes here and there. And the robots: while some look like elaborate Radio Shack DIY kits (elaborate for 1984), others look like blocky rubber-and-plastic suits worn by guys doing variations on a disco Robot Dance. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, a futuristic city landscape is absolutely ripped bodily from the Dome City in Logan’s Run and a space football/sports game is itself taken from clips of that James Caan classic Rollerball. In space, no one can hear you snip scenes out of other movies and use them for your own. To se jim dogaja v trgovini, pri čakanju na avtobus, pri zadrževanju v vročem, vlažnem prostoru. Comedy is such a delicate thing in terms of approach and execution that one slight miscalculation can send the whole house of cards tumbling down. Or in this case, the whole Styrofoam set caving in. With The Ice Pirates, things go to hell so fast and so quickly that it’s all you can do to not notice the actors stumbling all over themselves and shouting and hitting each other so as to distract both the audience and themselves into thinking what’s going on is funny.

Yeah, the amount of labored slapstick is so overdone here that it seems Raffill and Sherman over-thought every last sight gag to death and then filmed it to death so as to drain all the life from it. Destroying robot after robot, tickling headless guys under the nose, introducing space herpies as a variation of the 1979 Alien creature, then using a set of steel jaws to castrate guys on a conveyor belt is conceivably funny, but not the way it’s done here. You just end up beaten over the head relentlessly with gags so hard and so often that head trauma is a certainty. Odgovor: SpoÅ¡tovani, ne vem ob kakÅ¡ni priliki, zakaj in čemu so vam določili protitelesa proti Epstein-Barr virusu, varicella-zoster virusu in toksoplazmi. There is ONE scene at the end where everyone, good guys and bad guys, end up fighting on their spaceship as it goes through a time warp, and everyone rapidly ages and time passes in fits and lurches while people sprout ridiculously long gray/white hairdos, babies get born, age and become old enough to join in the fray, robots get beaten up, repair themselves and get upgrades and everyone runs around like a Benny Hill sketch. THAT much is funny, but it doesn’t last nearly as long as it should to make up for the deadeningly brain-numbing stupidity we witnessed before.