Antiviral Pharmaceutical Compositions And Method Of Treating Herpes

Genital herpes infections can cause intermittent symptoms that may be uncomfortable, but infection does not usually lead to serious complications in healthy adults. And the truth is that it is a chore. , herpes simplex virus, severe drug reactions). Sitavig represents a breakthrough in the herpes treatment category, which is comprised of over 20 million prescriptions and $4 billion in annual sales within the United States. The blisters tend to dry after a couple of days and a crust forms on their surface. show more I have these bumps on my tongue and I don’t know what they’re from. Years later, when there is a recurrence of HSV, it be mistaken for initial attack, leading to unfair accusations about the source of infection After the initial attack, the virus moves to nerve cells remaining there until set off again by a menstrual period, fever, physical contact, stress, or something else. genital herpes infections do not cause serious health problems in generally healthy adults. The virus can remain in the mouth and thus transmitted even when not active or fever is present ” Fortunately I’ve never had a cold sore but I have to know when it will appear that you begin to have itching and tingling in the area. Patients shoulderstand bathe the skin lesions in mild soap and water.

As an organization, Innocutis couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership that has been developed with BioAlliance Pharma and we look forward to a successful launch of Sitavig in North America,” comments Joe Pecora, CEO of Innocutis Holdings LLC. The doctor will simply collect a sample of tissue from the sore and analyze its composition. According to Merck, cancer almost never grows on the top of the tongue but rather on the floor of the mouth or on the sides of the tongue. But I can the herpes virus live in lip gloss Nothing seems unusual on early infection of herpes everything seems normal, but its a mild herpes treated antibiotics that seems to come back. (See symptoms at birth) – can have a newborn various health problems. Of course to speed healing and remove cold sores are different products. 2013 February 1; 62 Suppl 1: 9-19. Pat. Recently, the pharmaceutical industry has started selling medicinal patches which have proven to be efficient in getting rid of the blisters that form on the lips. When it shows up in the mouth, it can appear as curd-like patches on the tongue and also on the inner surfaces of the cheek.

The remedies are made from common, kitchen ingredients and the massage techniques involve pressing easy to find acupressure points on your head, face, nose and hands. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) often leads to skin infections and mucous membranes. Segal et al. Gebo KA, Kalyani R, Moore RD, et al. K. patent application 2167296, published May 29, 1986 have proposed a rather complex mixture of bacitracin, neomycin and glycyrrhizin for treating oral infections. The awful part was thinking I would never meet men again. As a result, however, a relatively safe and economical pharmaceutical formulation and method for treating herpes infections are realized. Health insurance, applicants for health behaviors and the prevalence of genital chlamydia infection among sexually active young adults. For example, they are described by H.

nih. Schaeffer in U. S. Pat. No. In most people it extends tiles without permanent health problems. 22, 1980; see also H. J. Schaeffer et al. , Nature (London), 272, 583 (1978) and T.

A. Krenitsk et al. This is very different from genital herpes, which is caused by another virus called herpes simplex). Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 81, 3209 (1984). The compound of formula 1 wherein R is hydroxy has the nonproprietary name, acyclovir, and the chemical name, 9-((2-hydroxyethoxy)methyl)guanine. The compound of formula 1 wherein R is hydrogen has the names 6-deoxyacyclovir and 2-amino-9-((2-hydroxyethoxy)methyl)adenine, and the compound of formula 1 wherein R is amino has the chemical name, 2,6-diamino-9-(2-hydroxyethoxy)methyl)purine. skin problems an adult.

For example, such derivatives of acyclovir are disclosed by H. J. Schaeffer in U. S. Pat. No. The virus that causes genital herpes also usually some early symptoms, so people do not use 80 them to know they have been infected. S. Pat. No.

4,294,831, issued Oct. 13, 1981; U. S. genital herpes infections do not cause serious health problems in generally healthy adults. No. 4,323,573, issued Apr. 6, 1982 and U. S. Pat. No.

Which also causes herpes zoster, or shingles in adults. 23, 1982. When utilizing the combination of this invention for treating viral infections, the combination is administered to warm blooded animals, e. g. humans, pigs or horses, in a vehicle comprising one or more pharmaceutically acceptable carriers, the proportion of which is determined by the solubility and chemical nature of acyclovir or related derivatives and bacitracin, chosen route of administration and standard biological practice. Preferably, the combination is administered topically. For example, the two active agents (i. A look at how the herpes virus can cause serious eye problems. the compound of formula 1 and bacitracin, or their therapeutically acceptable salts) can be formulated in the form of solutions, emulsions, creams, or lotions in pharmaceutically acceptable vehicles. Such formulation can contain 0.

1-5. 0 percent, preferably 0. 1 to 1. 0 percent, by weight, of the compound of formula 1, or a therapeutically acceptable salt thereof, and about 0. 025 to 5. 0%, preferably 0. 05 to 1. 0%, by weight, of bacitracin, or a therapeutically acceptable salt thereof. One preferred embodiment of this invention involves an antiviral pharmaceutical composition for treating herpes viral infections of the skin or part of the oral or genital cavity. This composition comprises a combination of 0.

1 to 5. 0 percent by weight of the compound of formula 1 in which R is hydroxy, 0. 025 to 5. 0 percent by weight of bacitracin or zinc bacitracin (specific activity ranging from 40 to 65 units per mg), together with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. Preferred carriers in this instance are water soluble ointment bases or water-oil type emulsions. The dosage of the combination of this invention will vary with the form of administration and the particular active agents for the combination chosen. Furthermore, it will vary with the particular host under treatment. Generally, treatment is initiated with small dosages substantially less than the optimum dose of the combination. Thereafter, the dosage is increased by small increments until the optimum effect under the circumstances is reached. In general, the combination is most desirably administered at a concentration level that will generally afford antiviral effective results against herpes virus without causing any harmful or deleterious side effects.

Another embodiment of this invention comprises a cosmetic composition comprising a herpes viral prophylactic amount of the combination of this invention, together with a physiologically acceptable cosmetic carrier. Additional components, for example, skin softeners, may be included in the formulations. The cosmetic formulation of this invention is used prophylactically to prevent the outbreak of herpetic lesions. They can be applied nightly and generally contain less of the two active agents of the combination than pharmaceutical preparations. A preferred range for the amount of each of the agents in the cosmetic composition is 0. 025 to 0. 2 percent by weight. (a) Preparation of serum-starved cells: A medium composed of alpha medium (Gibco Canada Inc, Burlington, Ontario, Canada) and fetal calf serum (Gibco Canada Inc. ), in a 9:1 volume ratio, was placed in tissue culture dishes (35 mm, A/S Nunc, Kamstrup, Denmark). The medium in each dish was seeded with BHK 21/C13 cells (1.

5 ×106 for each dish). (BHK 21/C13 cells have been described by Y. Langelier and G. Buttin, J. Gen. Virol. , 57, 21 (1981)). After 6 hours, the medium was replaced with a new medium composed of alpha medium and fetal calf serum (99. 5:0. 5 v/v).

The resultant preparation was incubated at 37° C. for 4 days. (b) Cell infection in BBMT medium without serum: The incubation medium was removed from the cells. The cells were washed twice with alpha medium (without the serum) and once with the BBMT medium. The cells were then incubated at 37° C. in BBMT medium for two hours. A series of viral solutions were prepared from a stock of HSV-2 (strain HG-52, described by Langelier and Buttin, supra) and the appropriate choice and amounts of the agents to be tested, diluted with BBMT to give viral solutions having a multiplicity of infection of 0. 02 plaque forming units (PFU) per cell. A control viral solution (without any agent) also was prepared. Each viral solution (250 μl) was added to duplicate dishes containing the previously prepared cells in BBMT medium.

After one hour of incubation at 37° C. for virus absorption, the medium in each dish was removed by aspiration. The cells were washed twice with BBMT medium. Fresh BBMT medium (800 μl), with or without (control) the appropriate concentration of the test agent, was added to the dishes which were further incubated at 37° C. Every six hours, a concentrated solution of bacitracin in BBMT was added to the appropriate dishes to maintain the initial concentration of that agent. The results expressed in the above table demonstrate the anti-herpes viral effect of acyclovir, bacitracin and the combination of the two agents. The results show that the combination of acyclovir and bacitracin in suitable proportions decreases viral production to a much greater degree than either of the agents alone. The greater effectiveness of the combination is strikingly illustrated by the ratio, ##EQU1## expressing the relative effectiveness of acyclovir, bacitracin and the combination thereof. The preceding results also demonstrate the surprising finding, in view of the general knowledge of the microbiological properties of bacitracin and the prejudicial report of Alacorn et al. , supra, that bacitracin exhibits an antiviral effect against herpes virus.

Hence, the scope of the present invention includes a method of treating herpes viral infections in a mammal which comprises administering to the mammal an anti-herpes virally effective amount of bacitracin or a therapeutically acceptable salt thereof. When bacitracin or a therapeutically acceptable salt is used for this purpose, the agent is administered topically in pharmaceutical compositions in the manner described herein for the combination. Such topical compositions can contain from 0. 025 to 5. 0 percent, preferably 0. 1 to 2. 0 percent, by weight of the composition, of bacitracin or a therapeutically acceptable salt thereof. Topical cosmetic formulations of bacitracin or a therapeutically acceptable salt thereof, can contain 0. 05 to 0. 5 percent by weight of the composition of the active agent, and can be formulated and used in the same manner described above for a cosmetic composition of the combination.